Owsley County Outreach

is a 501c3 nonprofit.


Owsley County Outreach


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Booneville, KY 41314


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Cleda Turner

Office: (606) 593-8292

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How can a child focus on solving a math problem or memorizing a new word when she or he is trying to ignore the persistent pangs of hunger?


Mission Statement

     We will help in times of need, whether it’s for food , clothing, or other short-term needs, while preserving Dignity and Pride.

     Owsley County is the poorest county in the United Sates of America, the home of the free. IN GOD WE TRUST. Call, donate, or stop in if you want to help.


If you would like to come for a work camp Please call and we have a great place for you to stay
Corner Stone has a site that sleeps 38 people

One floor with 3 bath for men

One floor for women with 3 bath rooms clean, great location, kitchen, everything furnished except the food

Great price
$50. from Sunday till Saturday per person

$25. for 3 night per person.
# to call and book 606-464-0177

Clean Clean Clean



This a true statement:

     One kid said, “You aren't a teacher. Why do you help so much?” I said, “Because I love you, and to love you, I don't have to be a teacher do I?”

     He hugged me and said, “No -- but most people don't care that don't have to.” I cried...

     Thank all of you for giving me the opportunity to feed these children and show them that Gods people do care, you all make this mission a blessing to so many, what better way to get out.

God’s Love and His Word. Showing and telling, I believe this is his way of letting other know about his love for them.


The Food Backpack Program

     Childhood hunger is a silent epidemic that affects nearly 1 in 4 children. For the poorest school-age

children, Friday night begins the two day weekend when the school lunch programs are not available

and the children have little or nothing to eat. These children come back to school on Mondays, famished and weak, thinking only of the free meal that will come at breakfast and/or lunchtime.

     The Food Backpack Program provides food to

children for use on days when meals are not available, typically weekends and school breaks.

What do you see when you look         

into this child’s eyes? We see hunger!




55.49% of Owsley County’s

children live at or below the

national poverty level.

All students now receive

a free lunch.

70% of child support payments

go uncollected each year.

A donation of $5.00 will fill a backpack that will feed a child for a weekend. long as we continue to receive food donation the cost will stay at $5.00 per child

if not food donation then it will be $7.50 per child.

"Hunger doesn't end when the school bell rings and gap periods, like the summer months, often present

nutritional challenges to children from low-income households," said

Agriculture Secretary, Tom Vilsack.


Read more about our programs,

and the ways we are feeding and caring for the people of Owsley County.